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The 11th International Workshop on Salmonid Smoltification
Sapporo/Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
Sept 19–23, 2023

Organizers: Munetaka Shimizu, Arimune Munakata, Takashi Yada, Shinya Mizuno

We are pleased to announce that 11th Smolt Workshop will be held in Hokkaido, Japan after two years of postponing. We will open the workshop on Sept 19 in Sapporo, down-migrate to Hakodate via Chitose and close it on Sept 23. We are excited about bringing active discussion back to a in-person meeting. 
Hokkaido University Sapporo Campus
(Auditorium at
 Faculty of Environmental Earth Science)
Hokkaido University Hakodate Campus
 at Faculty of Fisheries Sciences)
Program in brief

Sept 19: Welcome reception (7 pm) in Sapporo

Sept 20: Opening, Presentations in Sapporo

Sept 21: Move from Sapporo to Hakodate via Chitose (Excursion)

Sept 22: Presentations in Hakodate, Workshop dinner

Sept 23: Presentations in Hakodate, Closing (noon or 3 pm)


Regular participant:      45,000 JPY

Accompanying person: 22,000 JPY


Deadline: July 7, 2023

Online registration: click here

Note: This workshop is invitation only.


Given that the workshop starts in Sapporo and ends in

Hakodate,domestic airports in Hokkaido to arrive and

leave will be different: New Chitose Airport for arriving

and Hakodate Airport for leaving. If you have difficulty

in finding such round-trip air-tickets, you may want to

reserve international and domestic flights separately.

Please note that you could fly from Hakodate to

Haneda Airport or New Chitose Airport in the evening.

Another option is to move using a train to New Chitose

Airport or Tokyo although it takes about 3.5 hr and 4.5 hr,

respectively. Blow are recommendations.

Coming to Sapporo on Sept 19

Fly from Haneda or Narita Airport to New Chitose Airport,

and take a train from New Chitose Airport to Sapporo

Leaving Hakodate on Sept 23 or 24

Option 1: Fly from Hakodate Airport to Haneda Airport.

Option 2: Take a Shinkansen bullet train from Hakodate to Tokyo (approx. 4.5 hr)

Option 3: Fly from Hakodate Airport to New Chitose Airport

Option 4: Take an express train from Hakodate to New Chitose Airport,

                  (Transit at Minami Chitose) (Approx 3.5 hr) and fly to Haneda or Narita.


Accommodations can be reserved by each participant, but below are recommended hotels that we secure a certain number of single and twin rooms. If you would like to make reservations at those hotels, please indicate it at online registration. You will pay it at check-in.

Sapporo (Sept 19 and 20)

Hotel Mystays Sapporo Aspen

Hakodate (Sept 21–22 or 23)

Hotel Hokke Club Hakodate

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